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RomeRome, the eternal city, the "caput mundi", the strongest empire ever existed, the main house for catholics, since the dark period of the pontifical state, an important political centre in europe, all these particulars of the capital of Italy are evident in its buildings, its palaces, its very many magnificent basilicas and churches.

2000 years ago Rome was already a big metropolis with 1.000.000 inhabitants, with such a big stadium like Colosseum, Circus maximus respectively for gladiator fightings and chariot races were erected. today we call Rome "the open museum of the world" because of its innumerable monuments like Pantheon (the temple of all gods), Colosseum, Circo maximus, Catacombs basilicas, art galleries like Doria Pamphili and Borghese gallery, the famous Trevi fountain and the Roman forum which was the political, commercial and religious centre of ancient Rome.

All our tours can be persolised and the highlights can be choosen to gather the very essence of the eternal city. The history, religiosity, empire, the splendor of the Renaissance and the Barocco, along with the magnificence of the empire will surely make this tour a concentrate of beauty and unforgettable moment.









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